All TFB Gift certificates purchased prior to August 2021 will need to be redeemed by November 30, 2021.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but the boutique is under new ownership.

All gift certificates going forward will have a 90 day time frame to redeem.


My name is Keri Hawthorne; mother of 2 active boys, juggling work and home life, and the PROUD OWNER of the FEATHERED BUFFALO!

The Feathered Buffalo was founded in February 2019 by Morgan Harringer. In 2021, Morgan was looking to pursue other career interests and offered to sell the boutique. After working for the Feathered Buffalo at vendor events for about two years, it was a seamless transition for me to purchase and carry on the boutique. I want to thank my family & friends for supporting me during this journey and the loyal customers for shopping small! I hope you love all TFB products and continue to shop with us! Do not hesitate to reach out if you would like to see something added to TFB!

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